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Christine Benlafquih

Christine Benlafquih

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Christine Amina Benlafquih is an avid home cook, cooking instructor and freelance writer who enjoys sharing her passion and knowledge of Moroccan food and culture.

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Christine has been cooking Moroccan dishes for family, friends and guests for over 20 years. For almost as long, she has been sharing the recipes and skills taught to her by Moroccan friends and in-laws who cook primarily from memory and an intuitive sense of seasoning. These women patiently slowed down countless meal preparations so that she could take notes and write recipes.

It is an ongoing adventure, and she continues to learn new things from some of the finest teachers around – the skilled women who prepare Moroccan cuisine daily.


Christine holds a B.A. in Journalism and writes for both print and online publications.

By Christine Benlafquih:

It's hard not to be enthusiastic about a cuisine that is so diverse, so delicious, and so intricately woven with Morocco's fascinating history and traditions. I've also found Moroccan food to be a healthy and practical way to feed a family with six kids!

With a home in Casablanca, it's only natural that I continue to explore Morocco's time-honored culinary traditions. I never tire of learning new Moroccan recipes, of being exposed to new ingredients or new techniques, or of hearing stories of how the food is connected to the culture and customs.


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