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Moroccan Culture

Morocco is a country rich in both food and cultural traditions. Familiarize yourself with some of them here.

Essential Ingredients in Moroccan Cooking
This list highlights essential ingredients and pantry items which are frequently used in Moroccan cooking.

Traditional Moroccan Proverbs
A collection of wise and witty sayings used in Morocco.

Moroccan Food Proverbs
Proverbs are used frequently in Morocco. Here's a list of Moroccan proverbs that deal with food, eating and cooking.

Are You Concerned About Rising Food Costs?
Are rising food costs affecting the way your family eats? Share what food prices are like in your area, and whether your family has changed its eating as a result.

Food Prices in Morocco
Moroccans discuss food prices in the same way Americans talk about the weather. But for many Moroccan families, small fluctuations in the cost of staples greatly affects what they can afford to eat.

Moroccan Mint Tea - A Tradition of Hospitality
Mint tea is a Moroccan tradition. Read about the Moroccan tea ceremony. Links to a recipe for Moroccan Mint Tea.

Islamic Holidays in Morocco
There are two Islamic holidays: Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha. Many Moroccans following an Eid tradition of buying new clothes for children, preparing sweets and special meals, and paying visits to family.

Islamic Slaughter (Zabihah)
Humane Islamic guidelines for slaughtering an animal.

Road Trip in Northern Morocco (Part 1) - Photos, Street Scenes and Food
Photos from a quick road trip in the north of Morocco, including stops in Tangier, Tetouan, Chefchaouen and M'diq.

Road Trip in Northern Morocco (Part 2) - Photos, Street Scenes and Food
Second set of photos from a quick family road trip in the north of Morocco, including images from Chefchaouen and M'diq.

Health Benefits and Culinary Uses of Colostrum (Cow's First Milk)
Bovine colostrum is valued for its health and culinary properties.

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