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Moroccan Tea Recipes

Mint tea made with green tea and spearmint is the most popular of Moroccan teas, but these recipes will give you an idea of what other herbs may be used.

Moroccan Green Tea with Sage (Salmia, Sauge)
Green tea steeped with Moroccan salmia (sage) is popular in the winter and offers flavorful, therapeutic benefits.

Moroccan Tea with Za'atar (Wild Thyme) - Green Tea with Thyme
Green tea steeped with za'atar (wild thyme) is popular in Morocco.

Saffron Tea - Moroccan Tea with Saffron
Saffron tea is popular in the Taliouine region of Morocco, where saffron is harvested locally.

Moroccan Orange Blossom Tea Recipe - Mint Tea with Orange Blossoms
Fresh orange blossoms are available for only a very short time. If you're able to get some, try this fragrant Moroccan tea.

Moroccan Tea with Fliou - Green Tea with Pennyroyal (Menthe Pouliot)
Although spearmint is the herb most commonly used to make Moroccan Mint Tea, another variety of mint – fliou – may be used as well.

Moroccan Tea with Louiza (Verbena)
Green tea steeped with louiza (Moroccan verbena) is fragrant, satisfying and offers therapeutic benefits.

Moroccan Tea with Sheba
Moroccans don't always drink their tea with mint. Try green tea with sheba for an aromatic change.

Moroccan Mint Tea Recipe
Recipe and instructions for making Moroccan Mint Tea. Green tea is steeped with spearmint leaves to make this classic Moroccan beverage.

Moroccan Green Tea with Wild Geranium (Atarcha)
Leaves from wild scented geranium (atarcha) are used to flavor Moroccan green tea.

Licorice Tea - Tisane de Reglisse
Licorice root lends its naturally sweet flavor and therapeutic benefits to this easy infusion.

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