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Moroccan Bread, Rghaif, and Beghrir Recipes

Moroccan recipes for making oven-baked and pan-fried bread, as well as beghrir, msemen and other fried doughs and stuffed breads.
  1. Moroccan Khobz (8)
  2. Moroccan Pan-Fried Breads, Rghaif, Crepes and Pancakes (20)
  3. Moroccan Specialty Dough and Pastry Recipes (3)
  4. Stuffed Breads, Savory Breads and Sandwich Breads (17)
  5. Sweet Breads, Beignets and Doughnuts (7)

Day Old Bread Recipes - Ideas for Using Stale Bread
Moroccan bread is usually served fresh for each meal. Delicious as it is, it does tend to dry out quickly. So what can can you do with day old or stale bread? Here are some ideas for using old bread.

Moroccan French Toast - Recipe for French Toast with Day Old Bread
Use day old Moroccan bread to make French toast. Cut the stale flatbread into fingers to make it a finger food.

Homemade Bread Crumbs Recipe - How to Make Dry Seasoned Bread Crumbs
This is a great way to use day old bread. Dry seasoned bread crumbs can be used to bread vegetables, fish, poultry and seafood before frying.

Moroccan Barley Bread Recipe - Khobz Belboula
A crusty, chewy Moroccan bread. Cumin seeds are a traditional addition.

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