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Moroccan Desserts, Cookies, Pastries and Sweets

Fresh fruit is the traditional ending to a Moroccan meal, but you'll want to have lots of Moroccan cookies and pastries on hand to go with afternoon tea or coffee. From rich almond pastries like m'hencha to crunchy biscotti-like fekkas, there's sure to be a traditional Moroccan cookie recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Basic Waffle Recipe - Gaufres
Waffles are enjoyed by many Moroccans as a snack, tea time or Ramadan treat.

Basic Doughnut Recipe - American Style Donuts
The American counterpart to French beignets is making its appearance in Moroccan bakeries and coffee shops. Here's how to make light, airy donuts at home.

Petite Fekkas with Nigella Seeds - Savory Moroccan Cookies with Black Seed
These savory cracker-like cookies are flavored with nigella seeds (black seed).

Petite Fekkas with Nigella Seeds - Savory Moroccan Cookies with Black Seed
These savory cracker-like cookies are flavored with nigella seeds (black seed).

Homemade Warqa Recipe - Homemade Brick Pastry
Try this easy method for making homemade warqa, which can be used to make bastillas, briouats and sweet pastries.

Petite Fekkas with Nigella Seeds - Savory Moroccan Cookies with Black Seed
These savory cracker-like cookies are flavored with nigella seeds (black seed).

Chocolate Danette Recipe - Crme au Chocolat Dessert
Danette is the brand name of a pudding-like dessert which is popular in Morocco. Here's how to make your own crme au chocolat at home.

Petite Fekkas with Nigella Seeds - Savory Moroccan Cookies with Black Seed
These savory cracker-like cookies are flavored with nigella seeds (black seed).

Raib dyal Dar - Homemade Yogurt - Yaourt Maison
Moroccan homemade yogurt (raib dyal dar) is quite easy to make.

Halwa dyal Makina - Piped Moroccan Biscuits with Chocolate
These Moroccan cookies are traditionally shaped into piped sticks using a wide fluted tip attached to a hand crank meat grinder. A pastry bag or cookie press may be used instead.

Moroccan Stuffed Dates Recipe
An easy traditional recipe for dates stuffed with a homemade almond paste flavored with orange flower water and cinnamon.

Creme Patisserie (Pastry Cream) Recipe
An easy recipe for basic, vanilla-flavored creme patisserie.

Ktefa Recipe - Moroccan Dessert with Crispy Warqa Pastry and Creme Anglaise
A traditional Moroccan dessert made by layering fried or baked warqa pastry with sweetened fried almonds and custard sauce flavored with orange flower water.

French Apple Tart with Pastry Cream - Tarte Aux Pommes
Apple slices are arranged on a layer of pastry cream and baked in a sweet tart shell.

Makrout Recipe with Dates and Honey
These date-filled semolina cookies are fried and then dipped in honey.

Easy Madeleine Recipe - Classic French Tea Cakes

Coconut Lemon Cake Recipe
This easy homemade coconut and lemon flavored cake makes a quick, simple dessert or tea time treat. Dress up single layers with a vanilla flavored icing and toasted coconut.

Moroccan Vermicelli Pudding - Chaariya bil Halib
This quick, easy Moroccan dessert is flavored with orange flower water and cinnamon.

Kaab el Ghazal - Gazelle Horns (Cornes de Gazelle)
Although Kaab el Ghazal literally translates from Moroccan Arabic as "gazelle ankles," these crescent-shaped almond cookies are famously known as Gazelle Horns, or Cornes de Gazelle in French.

Pâté Sucrée Recipe - Sweet French Pastry Crust
This sweet, crumbly pastry makes an ideal crust for classic French tarts.

Coconut Sables - Sablés à la noix de coco
These light-textured coconut butter cookies are very versatile. Make simple cut-outs for children, or dress up petite shaped sables with chocolate for an elegant tea time cookie.

Petite Fekkas with Anise and Sesame
These tiny Moroccan cookies are flavored with anise and sesame seeds.

Petite Fekkas with Za'atar - Moroccan Cookies with Wild Thyme
This crunchy, cracker-like snack is flavored with za'atar (wild thyme).

Fresh Strawberries with Yogurt - Easy Strawberry Dessert
When fresh strawberries are in season, try serving them mixed with yogurt for an easy, refreshing dessert.

Babouches aux Cacahuètes Recipe
Shaped like traditional Moroccan slippers (babouches), these cookies feature delicious, sweetened peanut paste wrapped in pastry.

Amlou Recipe - Moroccan Dip of Almonds, Honey and Argan Oil
Amlou is a delicious Moroccan dip made from toasted almonds, argan oil and honey. It's very easy to make, and usually served for breakfast or tea time.

Easy Lemon Cake Recipe - Moroccan Lemon Cake (Meskouta with Lemon)
This light, fine-textured lemon cake gets delicious flavor from lemon zest and fresh lemon juice.

Chebakia (Chebbakia, Shebakia) - Recipe for Moroccan Sesame Cookies with Honey
Halwa Chebakia (also spelled chebbakia and shebakia) is a Moroccan sesame cookie which is folded into a flower shape, fried and then drenched in honey. It's traditionally served during Ramadan and for special occasions.

Easy Moroccan Orange Cake Recipe - Meskouta with Orange Juice
This Moroccan Orange Cake Recipe is quick and easy to make, and delicious without frosting.

Candied Peanuts Recipe - How to Make Caramelized Peanuts
Candied peanuts are a popular Moroccan snack and very easy to make.

Easy Chocolate Cake Recipe - Moroccan Chocolate Cake
Why bake from a mix? This Moroccan Chocolate Cake recipe is quick and easy to prepare.

Ghoriba with Coconut - Moroccan Coconut Macaroons
Ghoribas with Coconut are similar to macaroons. Semolina is a perfect complement to the coconut.

Kaak d'Essaouira - Moroccan Cookie with Anise, Sesame and Orange Flower Water
This crunchy vegan Moroccan cookie takes its name from the coastal city of Essaouira. The egg-free dough is flavored with sesame, anise and orange flower water.

Ghoriba with Toasted Sesame Seeds - Moroccan Shortbread Cookies with Sesame
These Moroccan shortbread cookies with toasted sesame seeds are a family favorite and very easy to make.

Ghoriba with Almonds - Moroccan Almond Macaroons
Rich, chewy almond ghoriba are a Moroccan favorite. Try them and you'll see why.

Pomegranate Seeds Moroccan Style
Pomegranate seeds are juicy, nutritious, and extra delicious with the additions of orange flower water and cinnamon.

Moroccan Rice Pudding Recipe
Recipe for creamy Moroccan rice pudding. Cinnamon and orange flower water add classic Moroccan flavor.

Beignets - Sweet Moroccan Doughnut Recipe
Even Morocco has a version of sweet, yeast-risen fried dough. Serve these beignets, or doughnuts, at breakfast or tea time.

Moroccan Sliced Oranges with Cinnamon, Sugar and Orange Flower Water
Sliced oranges with cinnamon, sugar and orange flower water are a classic Moroccan dessert.

Moroccan Bechkito Recipe - Crisp Cut-Out Cookies
Moroccan bechkito are crisp, cut-out cookies. Stars, hearts and crescent moons are popular shapes.

Moroccan Yogurt Cake Recipe - Meskouta
This Moroccan cake (meskouta) is a fun recipe to make with the kids. Use the empty yogurt cup as your measure.

Moroccan Spicy Fekkas Recipe
This Moroccan recipe takes its name from a crunchy cookie called fekkas. Flavored with onion, cheese, and hot sauce, spicy fekkas are actually more like a cracker.

Moroccan Fekkas with Almonds, Sesame and Raisins
Recipe and instructions for making the traditional Moroccan cookie called fekkas with almonds, sesame and raisins.

Moroccan Sellou Recipe - Sfouf or Zmita Recipe
Sellou is a unique Moroccan sweet made from sesames, almonds and flour that has been browned in the oven. It is traditionally served in Ramadan and for special occasions.

French Strawberry Tart with Pastry Cream - Tarte Aux Fraises
Fresh strawberries are arranged on a layer of pastry cream within a baked sweet tart shell.

Moroccan Jam-Filled Sandwich Cookies - Biscuits à la Confiture
These simple sugar cookies are a favorite with children yet elegant enough for tea time.

Cinnamon Ghoribas - Easy Cinnamon Cookie Recipe
These delicious cinnamon sugar cookies are easy to prepare. Perfect for tea time or with a glass of milk.

Almond Briouat Recipe - Moroccan Fried Pastries with Almonds and Honey
A popular and delicious Moroccan pastry filled with almond paste and dipped in honey.

Almond Pastry Cream Recipe (Frangipane)
A delicious, creamy filling for croissants, chneiks and other pastries.

Chneik Recipe
These French rolled pastries are as delicious as they look.

Orange Sauce Recipe - Easy Orange Dessert Sauce
You'll need two fresh oranges for this easy orange dessert sauce. Delicious on crepes, cake, ice cream and other desserts.

How to Make Petit Pain au Chocolat - Chocolate Croissants
Photos showing how to make the classic French pastry, Petit Pain au Chocolat.

How to Make Almond Croissants (Croissants aux Amandes)
Step-by-step photos showing how to make traditional Croissants aux Amandes, croissants filled with almond cream.

Croissant Recipe - Homemade Croissant Pastry Dough
Classic croissant pastry recipe.

French Peach Tart Recipe with Pastry Cream
Fresh peaches and pastry cream are baked in a sweet pastry crust. An apricot glaze adds sheen and tartness.

Mille-feuille Recipe - Homemade Napoleon Recipe
Recipe for homemade mille-feuille or Napoleon. Use frozen or homemade puff pastry dough.

Vanilla Sables - Vanilla Crescent Cookie Recipe
These vanilla crescent cookies have a rich butter taste and decorated with vanilla sugar and chocolate. Surprisingly easy to make.

Moroccan Ghoriba with Walnuts
A Moroccan macaroon-like cookie made with ground walnuts.

Puff Pastry Dough Recipe - Pate Feuilletee
Recipe for classic puff pastry dough, called pate feuilletee in French. Links to photo tutorial.

Caramel Sandwich Cookie Recipe - Sables au Caramel
These petite cut-out cookies are filled with caramel cream made from sweetened condensed milk.

Almond Ghoribas with Sliced Almonds
These traditional Moroccan almond cookies are similar to macaroons with a sliced almond garnish.

Moroccan Fresh Fruit Salad with Orange Flower Water
Seasonal fresh fruit is served in sweetened orange juice flavored with orange flower water.

Makrout with Almonds and Honey
These cake-like semolina cookies with almond paste filling are fried and then dipped in honey.

Moroccan Whole Almond Macaroons Recipe
Although Moroccans have their own version of a chewy almond-paste cookie, French style almond macaroons are also very popular.

Viennese Biscuits with Chocolate - Sablés Viennois
These light, buttery sables are shaped with pastry bag and fluted tip. Shortbread-like in texture, they're delicious plain or dipped in chocolate.

Moroccan Fekkas with Sesame Seeds
Laden with the nutty flavor of sesame seeds, these crunchy twice-baked Moroccan cookies go perfectly with with a cup of tea or coffee.

Healthy Sellou Recipe - Moroccan Whole Wheat Sfouf (Zmita) with Honey
This healthy version of sellou has no added oils. It calls for whole wheat flour, roasted almonds, flax and sesame seeds, and honey as a natural sweetener.

Chebakia with Almonds - Moroccan Sesame, Almond and Honey Cookies
Chebakia, a traditional Moroccan sesame and honey cookie, may also be made with the addition of ground almonds.

Mini Chocolate Eclairs Recipe
Vanilla cream-filled eclairs with chocolate icing are popular in Morocco and easy to make at home.

Easy Vanilla and Chocolate Chip Cupcake Recipe
No need to frost these rich, moist cupcakes. Leave out the chocolate chips for a basic vanilla cupcake.

Moroccan Semolina Cookies - Ghoriba dyal Smida
These light, traditional Moroccan cookies are made using fine semolina.

Moroccan Style Almond Milk
This natural, healthy beverage is flavored with orange flower water.

Krichlat Achoura with Anise and Sesame
These tiny, crunchy cookies are traditionally served on or around Achoura, an important day in the Islamic calendar.

Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes with Whipped Ganache
These dense, rich cupcakes are easy to make, and especially delicious when topped with decadent ganache.

Khringos - Moroccan Churros
Khringos are the Moroccan version of Spanish churros, a type of fried dough.

Raib Beldi - Traditional Moroccan "Yogurt" - Lait Caill
A recipe for raib beldi, a traditional Moroccan "yogurt" or junket which uses plant enzymes for coagulation.

Gluten Free Marbled Cornmeal Cake
An easy, gluten free cake to make with cornmeal.

Moroccan Ghoribas with Honey - Ghoriba Dyal 'Asal
These tasty little Moroccan cookies are flavored with honey and lemon zest. They're quick and easy to prepare when time is limited.

Moroccan Coconut and Vanilla Macaroon Recipe
These chewy, sandwiched coconut macaroons are most often found as a street food in Moroccan souks.

Moroccan Coconut and Apricot Cookies - Snowball Cookies or Richbond Cookies
Flavored with apricot jam and orange flower water, these little Moroccan coconut cookies resemble snowballs. They're also known as Richbond Cookies.

Chaussons aux Pommes - French Apple Turnovers Recipe
These classic French pastries are made by enclosing apple puree in flaky, buttery puff pastry dough - absolutely delicious and easy to make at home.

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