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Khobz - Moroccan Bread



Moroccan Khobz

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Moroccan and Standard Arabic: الخبز

Khobz is the Moroccan and standard Arabic word for bread. The Tamazight (Berber) word kesra and Tashelhit (Shilha) word agroum might also be used, as might the French word pain.

Although khboz and kesra may mean different things to different Moroccans, both terms are used in a general sense to refer to oven-baked bread which is shaped into round, flattish loaves with lots of crust. During a traditional Moroccan meal, khobz often replaces utensils such as forks or spoons as it is used to scoop up meat, vegetables, sauce, salads, dips and more.

Different types of flour can be used to make khboz. Exactly what goes into each loaf, and how large or small it is shaped, is a matter of personal preference. White, semolina, wheat, rye, bran and barley are some of the flours that might be used, while anise and cumin seeds are just two additions that could be added for extra flavor.

In rural areas, many families use small dome-shaped wood burning ovens to bake their bread. In urban areas, families are apt to bake their bread in public street ovens. Both methods give bread a unique flavor and character that simply can't be matched in a conventional oven or by Moroccan bakeries. Nonetheless, very good Moroccan bread can be baked in home ovens, and it's worth trying to make your own bread to complement a Moroccan meal.

Examples of Moroccan Bread Recipes:


Also Known As: kesra, kisra, agroum, pain

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