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Lban or Laban - Buttermilk


Lban or Laban - Buttermilk

Buttermilk (Lban)

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Moroccan and Standard Arabic: لبن

Lban (also spelled laban) is buttermilk. Throughout the Middle East and North Africa, lban might also be used to refer to other fermented dairy beverages, yogurt or even cheese-like labneh.

In Morocco, both traditional buttermilk and cultured buttermilk are available. Traditional buttermilk is produced when whole cream is churned to make butter. The newly formed butter separates from the liquids, which is the buttermilk.

Cultured buttermilk is made by fermenting milk (preferably fresh). The resulting liquid is usually thicker than traditional buttermilk.

Lban is enjoyed as a beverage in Morocco. It's particularly popular following a meal of couscous, when it might be served alone or mixed into plain couscous as saycouk.

Alternate Spellings: lben, laben, leben
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