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Kefta is the Moroccan word for ground meat, particularly ground beef, ground lamb or a combination of the two. In Moroccan recipes, kefta is usually well-seasoned with salt, paprika, cumin, parsley and cilantro. Cinnamon, hot paprika, onion and mint leaves are popular additions.

Kefta is usually ground fresh per order at a butcher, and customers can choose to have the spices, herbs, and additional fat mixed in as the meat is being ground. Many Moroccans, however, prefer to season the meat at home.

Moroccan kefta tends to be finely ground; if you mince it at home, pass it through the grinder or ask your butcher to grind it finely for you.

Also see Moroccan Kefta Recipes.


Pronunciation: kef-ta

Also Known As: kofta, kufta, kufteh

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