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Khlea, Khlii



Khlea or Khlii - Moroccan Preserved Meat

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Moroccan Arabic: خليع

Khlea (also called khlii) is a type of Moroccan preserved meat, usually beef. The meat is cut into strips, marinated with cumin, coriander and garlic, and then dried in the sun for days before it's cooked in a mixture of animal fat, oil and water. The meat, once cooled, will keep for up to two years at room temperature when packed in the cooking fat.

In the days before refrigerators were common household appliances, preserving meat served a very practical purpose. Some rural families still rely on khlea for storing meat, and they're the most likely to make khlea in large quantities annually. Other Moroccans purchase khlea simply because they enjoy the unique flavor it imparts to traditional Moroccan dishes, and rotate it into their diets along with other meats, poultry and fish.

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Pronunciation: kh-lee-a

Alternate Spellings: khlia

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