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Moroccan Food and Culture 101

Welcome to Moroccan Food, one of the world’s most famous and delicious cuisines. Moroccan cooking is influenced by a rich and diverse North African history. With dishes ranging from surprisingly simple to intriguingly complex, Moroccan recipes are sure to please a wide range of palates. Browse the topics below to learn more about the traditions, culture and essentials of Moroccan cooking.
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The Food of Morocco by Paula Wolfert - Cookbook Review

The Food of Morocco by Paula Wolfert - Cookbook Review
Cookbook review of Paula Wolfert's The Food of Morocco (2011).

Cooking at the Kasbah by Kitty Morse - Review
Cookbook review of Kitty Morse's Cooking at the Kasbah (1998)

Tell Us About Your Moroccan Blog or Website
Let Moroccan Food's readers know you're out there! Share your website or blog that's devoted to living in Morocco, Moroccan lifestyle, Moroccan travel, or Moroccan food and cooking.

Where to Buy a Tagine Online
A list of online vendors and sites which sell cooking tagines, serving tagines, and other Moroccan items.

Mustapha's Moroccan Spices, Oils and Olives - Review
A review of Mustapha's Moroccan spices, oils, olives and other Moroccan food products.

Fagor Rapid Express 6 Qt. Pressure Cooker - Review
Review of the Fagor Rapid Express 6 qt. pressure cooker.

Interview with Ghillie Basan
Meet Ghillie Basan, internationally acclaimed cook and food writer.

Moroccan Preserved Lemons
Moroccans preserve lemons by pickling them in lots of salt and their own juices. They add a salty, distinctive lemon flavor to many Moroccan dishes.

The Moroccan Tagine
The word "tagine" refers to both a ceramic piece of cookware and the stew-like dish that is prepared within it.

Essential Spices in Moroccan Cooking
Learn which four basic spices are essential to many tagines and stews. Find out what other spices are frequently used in Moroccan cooking.

Glossary of Spices Used in Moroccan Cooking
This is a complete list and description of all the different spices you're likely to encounter while making Moroccan foods.

Harira is Morocco's famous lentil and tomato soup.

Pit Roasted Mechoui in Marrakesh
See how one Marrakesh restaurant makes its renowned pit-roasted mechoui.

Equipping a Moroccan Kitchen
Many Moroccan cooks can turn out amazing food from even a modestly equipped kitchen. My own kitchen, however, reflects what you might find in a modern, urban home that still dishes up traditional meals. Here's a list of tools and equipment which I find most useful to Moroccan food preparation.

Favorite Kitchen Tools Gadgets
Share your own top picks for useful kitchen tools and gadgets.

Traditional Moroccan Cooking Classes in Morocco
Tourists, expats and other visitors to Morocco can learn to cook traditional Moroccan food by signing up for classes at one of these programs.

Moroccan Culinary Tours and Cooking Vacations in Morocco
A list of guided culinary tours and cooking holidays in Morocco.

What Gives Moroccan Food Its Yellow Color?
Find out why many Moroccan dishes have an appealing golden hue.

Moroccan Comfort Food

These traditioinal dishes are appreciated by Moroccans as traditional, simple fare best enjoyed in the home with family and close friends.

What is a Couscoussier and How Do You Use It?
Tips for using a couscoussier, the traditional Moroccan vessel used to steam couscous.

Moroccan Recipes with Fried Almonds
Moroccan cuisine makes good use of Morocco's indigenous almonds. These traditional Moroccan recipes all call for fried almonds as either a garnish or ingredient.

Moroccan Recipes with Orange Flower Water
Orange flower water is used extensively in Moroccan cooking. These recipes on the Moroccan Food site all include the fragrant water in their lists of ingredients.

Moroccan Fava Bean Recipes
Fava beans (broad beans) are delicious and nutritional. Try them in the Moroccan fava recipes listed below.

How Do You Use a Tagine? - Tips for Cooking in a Tagine
Tips for cooking in a traditional tagine.

Islamic Slaughter (Zabihah)
Humane Islamic guidelines for slaughtering an animal.

Argan Oil - A Look at Morocco's Famous Culinary and Cosmetic Oil

Health and Beauty Benefits of Moroccan Argan Oil
Argan oil is beneficial both internally and externally. Read about the health benefits of culinary argan oil and the beauty and therapeutic benefits of cosmetic argan oil.

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