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Mustapha's Moroccan Spices, Oils, Olives and More - Review

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Mustapha's Moroccan Spices, Oils, Olives and More - Review

Mustapha's Moroccan Olive Oil, Preserved Lemons, Olive and Harissa

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The Bottom Line

Mustapha's Moroccan is an excellent resource for those interested in cooking with authentic Moroccan ingredients, or for people seeking gourmet gifts for food enthusiasts and chefs. I can't find fresher or better quality spices, oils, olives and condiments here in Morocco.

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  • Wide selection of imported Moroccan spices, olives, oils and condiments
  • Fresh, high quality products
  • Beautiful packaging suitable for gift giving
  • Products sold online for shipment throughout the U.S. and Canada


  • May be too pricey for some consumers


  • Whole and ground spices are available from Mustapha's, as are herbs, spice blends and Nigella Seed.
  • Many imported Moroccan olives to choose from – green, red, black, cooking and eating olives, as well as capers and tapenade.
  • Saffron deserves its own notation. The fragrant threads were so fresh that they could be crumbled without heating.
  • The gorgeous packaging of Mustapha's Moroccan olive oil and argan oil are testament to their quality and flavor.
  • Mustapha's carries essential waters and Moroccan condiments such as harissa and preserved lemons.
  • Mustapha's glass jars are beautiful enough for gift giving. An assortment of gift sets are also available.
  • Mustapha's Moroccan web site and product descriptions contain a wealth of information about Moroccan food and products.
  • Wholesale quantities and pricing are available upon request.

Guide Review - Mustapha's Moroccan Spices, Oils, Olives and More - Review


Mustapha's Moroccan is an online store specializing in imported Moroccan spices, oils, olives and condiments. Curious to see how Mustapha's products compare to those I buy in Morocco, I recently tested a wide sampling while in the States.

Upon receiving my stash of goods, I was so taken by the beautiful array of glass jars and bottles that I hesitated to open anything. Brown nuggets of nutmeg, pale yellow ginger, deep red saffron threads, rich golden argan oil, green Picholine olives – these Moroccan ingredients begged to be displayed prominently, not tucked away somewhere in a cupboard.

But after admiring the packaging and reading the labels, I did indeed move on to cooking. The bottles were opened as needed - gourmet sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, red cooking olives, paprika, anise, ras el hanout – the list goes on.

The authentic, flavorful Moroccan dishes I made spoke to the the quality of the products. I'd dare say that some of the them were superior to what I normally have on hand in Morocco. The saffron, for example, was so fresh that it could be crumbled without heating. The argan oil, a product exclusive to Morocco, was elegant and nutty. Even an everyday spice like ginger didn't disappoint.

Only one product didn't agree with my personal tastes, and that was Mustapha's harissa. While I prefer harissa made exclusively from red chili peppers and garlic, Mustapha's version includes red bell pepper. The extra sweetness they impart didn't diminish the product in the eyes of my father, however, who clearly enjoyed it as much as any other he's eaten.

Mustapha's imported products don't come cheaply. Be prepared to reach into your pocket whether stocking your kitchen or selecting a gourmet gift to give. Gift sets are available, as are spice mixes, preserved lemons and essential waters.


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