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Where to Buy a Tagine Online

Cooking Tagines and Serving Tagines Online


Here's a list of sites where you can buy a tagine online. Vendors offering imported traditional clay and ceramic tagines are listed first, followed by modern tagines such as All-Clad®, Le Creuset® and Emile Henry®.

Tagines.com (USA)

Tagines.com has a wide variety of authentic clay and ceramic cooking tagines, as well as serving tagines, tagras, cazuelas, and even clay couscoussiers. A great site to browse as you'll learn tidbits of information relating to Moroccan cookware and cooking.

Le Souk Ceramique (USA)

Le Souk Ceramiques sells cooking tagines and ceramic tableware. The tagine products have received good reviews from customers who purchased them through Amazon.com.

Casablanca Market - Moroccan Imports and Gifts (USA)

You'll find a whole lot more than just cooking tagines and serving tagines at Casablanca Market. The site also sells other ceramics, furniture, decor and gift items.

The Moroccan Bazaar (USA)

Based in Texas, this company offers mostly home decor items, but there are a few authentic tagines to choose from, as well as Moroccan tea service items.

Bram Cookware (USA)

Bram's exquisite terra cotta earthenware tagines are handcrafted in Egypt and safe for stovetop cooking and oven use. Bram also sells a variety of other clay cookware and tableware.

Clay Coyote Pottery (USA)

These tagines may be the only hand thrown tagines made in the US that can be used on gas, electric and glass stovetops in the traditional manner. All of the other items available at Clay Coyote Pottery are also handmade by US and Canadian artists and craftsmen.

Treasures of Morocco (USA)

Both cooking and serving tagines can be found at this Florida-based store, but there's much more for sale than just cookware. You'll also want to browse the site for imported gifts, clothing and even furniture.

Maroque (UK)

Maroque offers a nice selection of cooking tagines, decorated serving tagines and other ceramics. You can also browse the site for home decor items such as henna lamps and furniture, or indulge in some Moroccan bath products.

Tagine.co.uk (UK)

A comprehensive online source for tagines of all kinds, including terracotta, cast iron, and modern flameware. You'll also find a nice selection of heat diffusers and tips on tagine cooking and care.

Moroccan Decor (UK)

At Moroccan Decor you can find find glazed ceramic tagines from Rabat and Tangiers, as well as Moroccan ceramics, tea sets home decor items.
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