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Easy Moroccan Recipes


Although you might be intimidated to try a new cuisine such as Moroccan food, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it can be to turn out delicious, authentic dishes from fresh, whole ingredients. If you can chop an onion, peel a tomato, press some garlic, and measure spices, you'll find all of these traditional Moroccan recipes easy to prepare.
  1. Easy Soups and Appetizers
  2. Easy Salads and Side Dishes
  3. Easy Lamb or Beef Recipes
  1. Easy Chicken Recipes
  2. Easy Fish Recipes
  3. Easy Vegetarian Dishes

Easy Soups and Appetizers

Olives, cheeses, pickled carrots and peppers might be served as starters to a Morocco meal, or an elaborate array of salads might be presented prior to an entree. When looking to make an easy first course or appetizer, try one of these Moroccan recipes.

Easy Salads and Side Dishes

Most Moroccan cooks will prepare at least one or two salads or side dishes to serve with entrees. These might be as simple as lettuce or cucumbers seasoned with vinegar and salt, or they might be a cooked salad which is eaten as a dip. The recipes listed here are all fairly easy to prepare and will help add color and delicious variety to your table.

Easy Lamb or Beef Recipes

The entrees listed here are great choices for sampling the diverse flavors of Moroccan cooking. Lamb, beef or goat meat can be used in many of these recipes.

Easy Chicken Recipes

The long list of ingredients which you may encounter in Moroccan recipes doesn't mean the dishes are difficult to prepare. Try some of these Moroccan chicken recipes when looking for easy, savory meals to offer your family.

Easy Fish Recipes

With miles and miles of coastline, fish is bound to be popular in Morocco. These Moroccan fish dishes are particularly easy to prepare.

Easy Vegetarian Dishes

Vegetables and beans are often served without meat as Moroccan main dishes. Most are very easy to prepare – here's a sampling.

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