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Moroccan Cooking Tips and Techniques

You've never roasted and skinned a green pepper? Haven't a clue how to blanch and peel almonds? Here's where you can learn how to do both and more. This section offers helpful cooking tips and general advice, as well as specific step-by-step instructions (with photos) for common procedures in the Moroccan kitchen.

How to Freeze Berries and Other Fresh Fruit
Take advantage of farmer market prices and buy fresh, seasonal fruit in bulk. Here are tips for freezing berries and other fruit for later use.

How to Blanch Vegetables Before Freezing
Blanch vegetables before freezing so that they retain flavor, color and nutritional value.

How to Make Moroccan Tea
A step-by-step guide to making Moroccan mint tea the traditional way.

How to Peel, Seed and Chop Tomatoes - Moroccan Cooking Techniques
Here's how to peel, seed and chop tomatoes for use in Moroccan recipes.

Cooking with Saffron
Many Moroccan recipes call for saffron. Here's how to select, store and use saffron.

How to Make Kaab el Ghazal - Gazelle Horns
Photo tutorial showing how to shape a traditional Moroccan cookie called Kaab el Ghazal, or Gazelle Horns. Almond paste is wrapped in thin pastry and then shaped into a crescent.

How to Make Warqa - Homemade Brick Pastry Dough
Step-by-step photos showing how to make Moroccan warqa (brick pastry dough) at home.

How to Make Barley Couscous - Couscous Belboula
Barley grits are steamed and served as couscous belboula.

How to Make Babouches aux Cacahuètes
Step-by-step photos showing how to make the traditional Moroccan peanut cookie called Babouches aux Cacahuètes.

Moroccan Salad Medley - How to Make a Traditional Moroccan Salad Plate
Usually served on special occasions or when entertaining, this beautiful Moroccan Salad Plate features a variety of delicious and colorful Moroccan salads.

How to Make Chickpea Flour - Garbanzo Flour, Gram Flour, Besan
Here's how to make your own chickpea flour.

Easy Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe
Wondering how to make mayonnaise? This whole egg mayonnaise recipe is quick and easy with the help of a food processor.

How to Make Chebakia (Moroccan Sesame and Honey Cookies)
Photo tutorial showing the traditional preparation of Halwa Chebakia (shebakia), a popular Moroccan sesame and honey cookie.

How to Peel Prickly Pears (El Karmouss El Hindi)
Photo tutorial showing how to peel prickly pears – also called cactus fruit, cactus figs, Indian figs, barbary figs, tuna and el karmouss el hindi.

How to Make Chili Oil - Hot Pepper Oil Recipe
Although Asian, hot pepper oil or chili oil can be used in Moroccan cooking. Make your own chili oil with this easy hot infusion method.

How to Make Kaak d'Essaouira - Moroccan Cookie with Anise and Sesame
Photo tutorial showing how to make the crunchy, wreath-shaped Moroccan cookie called Kaak d'Essaouira.

How to Make Moroccan Meatball Tagine - Kefta Mkaouara
Step-by-step photos showing how to prepare Kefta Mkaouara, a Moroccan meatball tagine with spicy tomato sauce and eggs.

What Do You Do with Old Bread?
Share your own tips, suggestions and recipes for using stale bread.

How to Make Moroccan Fried Sardines Stuffed with Chermoula
Fried Sardines Stuffed with Chermoula is a classic Moroccan recipe that's easy to prepare. These step-by-step photos show how to prepare them.

How Do You Eliminate Cooking Smells and Neutralize Food Odors?
Share your own tips and remedies for getting rid of cooking smells from onions, fish, garlic, cabbage, and other foods.

How to Remove Cooking Odors
Even a fantastic meal can leave unpleasant smells throughout your home. Try these simple methods for eliminating cooking odors, or leave your own tips for other readers.

How to Clean and Prepare Bottle Gourd (Slaouia)
Slaouia – also known as bottle gourd, calabash, cucuzza, dudhi and white gourd – is used in Moroccan cooking. Here's how to clean and prep bottle gourd for use in Moroccan recipes.

How to Make Orange Flower Water - Orange Flower Water Recipe
Orange Flower Water also called Orange Blossom Water is used in Moroccan cooking. Try making your own with this easy Orange Flower Water Recipe. Use the same method to make Rose Petal Water.

How to Make Seffa Medfouna - How to Steam Vermicelli (Chaariya)
This photo tutorial shows how to steam broken vermicelli (chaariya) and make Seffa Medfouna. Savory saffron chicken (or lamb or beef) is hidden in a mound of steamed vermicelli or couscous and decorated with fried almonds, cinnamon and powdered sugar.

How to Steam Couscous in a Couscoussier
If you want to serve authentic Moroccan couscous, steaming is the way to prepare it. Follow the photo tutorial, and see how easy it is to steam couscous.

How to Season a Tagine - Using and Caring for a Moroccan Tagine
Authentic Moroccan tagines should be seasoned before first use. Learn how to use and care for a Moroccan tagine.

How to Make Moroccan Preserved Lemons
It's easy to make preserved lemons at home. You'll need to let them sit about a month before they're ready to use.

How to Make Harcha - Moroccan Semolina Pan-Fried Flatbread Recipe
Photos and step-by-step instructions for making harcha (harsha), a Moroccan semolina flatbread commonly served at tea time and breakfast.

How to Make Chicken Bastilla
Making authentic Moroccan Chicken Bastilla is easier than you think. The Bastilla Recipe and step-by-step photos will show how to assemble, bake and decorate Morocco's famous chicken pie.

How to Blanch, Peel and Fry Almonds
Sometimes raw almonds with the skin are used in Moroccan recipes, but more often the almonds must be blanched, peeled and perhaps fried. Here's how to do that.

How to Clean Cardoon - Preparing Cardoon for Use in Recipes
Cardoon (khorshuf or khorchouf in Arabic) needs to be pared and cleaned before it's cooked. Here's how to do it.

How to Clean Artichoke Bottoms for Use in Moroccan Recipes
Fresh artichoke bottoms are used in Moroccan cooking. These step-by-step photos and instructions will show how to clean a fresh artichoke to yield the bottom.

How to Fillet a Sardine - Preparing Sardine for Moroccan Recipes
Filleting a sardine is not difficult. The photos here will take you through each easy step.

How to Make Moroccan Pita (Batbout)
Batbout is a Moroccan pita bread. Here are photos and instructions showing how to make it.

How to Fold Moroccan Briouats (Braewats) Into Cylinders
Briouats (braewats) are small Moroccan pastries that can be stuffed with a variety of fillings. Learn how to fold briouats into cylinders with these step-by-step photos and instructions.

How to Make Stuffed Msemen (Rghaif)
Photos and instructions showing how to fill and fold stuffed Moroccan pancakes (msemen or rghaif).

How to Fold and Make Meloui - Round Moroccan Pancakes
Photos and instructions showing how to fold and cook meloui (round Moroccan rghaif or pancakes).

How to Fold and Make Msemen (Rghaif)
Photographs and instructions for how to fold and cook msemen (square-shaped Moroccan pancakes).

How to Fold Moroccan Briouats (Braewats) in a Triangular Shape
Learn how to fold Moroccan pastries (briouats or braewats) with these step-by-step photos and instructions.

How to Roast and Skin Peppers
Some Moroccan recipes require skinned peppers. Here are easy instructions and photos which show how to roast and skin peppers.

How to Make Croissants - Making and Folding Croissant Pastry Dough
Step-by-step photos showing how to make richly layered croissant pastry dough and fold it into a traditional shape.

How to Make Almond Croissants (Croissants aux Amandes)
Step-by-step photos showing how to make traditional Croissants aux Amandes, croissants filled with almond cream.

How to Make Petit Pain au Chocolat - Chocolate Croissants
Photos showing how to make the classic French pastry, Petit Pain au Chocolat.

How to Make Sellou (Sfouf or Zmita)
These step-by-step photos show how to make sellou (also called "sfouf").

How to Make Almond Briouats - Moroccan Almond Pastries with Honey
Step-by-step photos showing how to make Almond Briouats, fried Moroccan pastries which are filled with almond paste and dipped in honey.

How to Fold Meloui - Simplified Modern Folding Technique
A modern folding technique for meloui which is a bit easier and quicker than the traditional method.

How to Fold Meloui - Simplified Modern Folding Technique
A modern folding technique for meloui which is a bit easier and quicker than the traditional method.

Moroccan Honey and Butter Syrup
How to make the butter and honey syrup frequently served with Moroccan pancakes, beghrir and flat bread.

What is a Couscoussier and How Do You Use It?
Tips for using a couscoussier, the traditional Moroccan vessel used to steam couscous.

How to Make Raib Beldi - Lait Caillé Marocaine
Step-by-step photos showing the traditional preparation of Moroccan raib beldi (lait caillé) with fresh milk and dried choke from wild artichokes (barbe d'artichaut).

What's Your Favorite Filling for Crepes?
Sweet or savory, what's your favorite filling for crepes? Share your recipe or serving suggestions for crepes, and see what others recommend.See submissions

How to Make Puff Pastry Dough (Pate Feuilletee)
Photo tutorial showing how to make homemade puff pastry dough, also known as pate feuillette.

How to Make Mille-feuille (Napoleons)
Step-by-step photos showing how to make mille-feuille, also known as Napoleons.

How to Make Trid Pastry
Photo tutorial showing how to make Moroccan trid pastry.

How to Make Makrout
Step-by-step photos showing how to make makrout, filled semolina cookies which are fried and then dipped in honey.

How to Grate Tomatoes - Moroccan Cooking Techniques
Photos showing the common Moroccan cooking technique of grating tomatoes.

How to Toast Sesame Seeds
How to toast sesame seeds for use in recipes.

How Do You Use a Tagine? - Tips for Cooking in a Tagine
Tips for cooking in a traditional tagine.

How to Caramelize Onions - Caramelized Onions Recipe
Caramelizing onions until golden and buttery-tender is easy, and can be done while tending to other kitchen tasks.

Parsley and Cilantro Tips
Parsley and cilantro are used abundantly in Moroccan cooking. Here are some quick tips for cleaning, storing and working with these fresh herbs.

How To Seed Pomegranates
Try this method for seeding pomegranates and removing stray bits of pith from the seeds.

Tips for Using a Pressure Cooker - Moroccan Cooking Techniques
Pressure cookers are immensely popular in Morocco, where they're used almost daily in many households. Here are tips for using them in your own cooking.

How to Repair a Cracked Tagine
This is Moroccan Food expert Paula Wolfert's method for repairing a cracked clay tagine.

How to Make Stuffed Batbout (Moroccan Stove Top Bread)
Photos showing how to fill, shape and cook this stuffed stove top bread.

How to Use Dried Chickpeas in Moroccan Cooking
Dried chickpeas are an essential ingredient in Moroccan kitchens. Learn how to soak, peel, cook and freeze chickpeas for use in recipes.

Lba - How to Cook Colostrum (Cow's First Milk) the Moroccan Way
Step-by-step photos showing the Moroccan way to cook colostrum (cow's first milk) to thick, fresh cheese-like curds.

Get Ready for Ramadan in Morocco
Ramadan meal planning made easy. Tips of what Moroccan foods to stock in your freezer, and what ingredients can be prepped in advance of the month of fasting.

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