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How to Make Chickpea Flour - Garbanzo Flour, Gram Flour, Besan


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Chickpea flour is flour made from dried chickpeas (garbanzo beans). Also known as garbanzo flour, gram flour and besan, chickpea flour is a staple of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladesh cuisines. In Morocco, garbanzo flour from unroasted chickpeas is used to make Kalinti, a quiche-like dish often sold as a street food.

Chickpea flour can be found in Asian and Middle Eastern markets, but you can make your own at home from dried chickpeas. You'll need a food processor and coffee/spice blender.

You can roast your chickpeas lightly before grinding to yield gram flour or besan, but for many recipes that step is unnecessary.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 10 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Place 250 g of dried chickpeas in a food processor. Cover, and process on high speed for two or three minutes until a powdery flour forms. Cover the top of the feed tube so that chickpea flour doesn't waft out while the machine is running.
  2. Sift the mixture into a bowl to separate the fine flour from the hard bits of chickpeas which did not grind.
  3. Use a spice grinder to process the remaining bits of chickpeas to a fine, powdery flour. Do this in batches of one or two tablespoons at a time.
  4. When all of the chickpeas have been ground to flour, sift again to remove and discard any remaining pieces of chickpeas which did not process.
  5. Proceed with using the chickpea flour in a recipe, or store in an airtight container until needed.

What You Need

  • 250 g of dried chickpeas (or any quantity desired)
  • food processor
  • coffee/spice grinder
  • sifter
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