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How to Make Sellou (Sfouf or Zmita)


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Sellou or Sfouf
How to Make Sellou (Sfouf or Zmita)

Sellou (Sfouf)

Photo © Christine Benlafquih

Sellou (also called sfouf or zmita) is a unique unbaked Moroccan sweet made from toasted unhulled sesame seeds, fried blanched almonds and flour that has been browned in the oven. Packed with calories and nutrients, it's traditionally served during Ramadan and after childbirth, when there's greater need to restore energy and maintain good health. It might also be served at Eid, weddings and other special occasions.

The following pages show a Fez style Sellou Recipe as taught to me by my mother-in-law. It uses equal amounts by weight of the sesame, almonds and flour. This ratio might vary by region or family, as might the spices and the sweetener (honey versus powdered sugar).

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