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How to Make Seffa Medfouna - How to Steam Vermicelli (Chaariya)


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What is Seffa ? What is Seffa Medfouna?
How to Make Seffa Medfouna - How to Steam Vermicelli (Chaariya)

Moroccan Seffa Medfouna - Decorated and Ready to Serve

Photo © Christine Benlafquih

Seffa is a famous Moroccan dish which features a dome of steamed couscous or broken vermicelli (chaariya) sweetened with raisins, butter and powdered sugar. Ground fried almonds, cinnamon and more powdered sugar are used to garnish the seffa. It's most likely to be served as a follow-up course to an entree.

Seffa Medfouna includes the addition of savory saffron chicken, lamb or beef, which is concealed in the mound of vermicelli or couscous. Seffa Medfouna can be served as an entree.

The following photos show how to steam vermicelli and prepare authentic Seffa Medfouna. Omit the steps involving meat if you want to make plain Seffa.

If preparing the dish with couscous, also see How to Steam Couscous.

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