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Readers Respond: Top Picks for Useful Kitchen Tools, Gadgets and Cookware

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We all have our favorite kitchen tools and cookware. I, for example, can't get through a cooking session without picking up my chef's knife, and I'd be at a loss many days without my double griddle. What do you consider must-haves for cooking not only Moroccan food, but any of your family's favorite dishes?

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Hand grater color red

I am looking for a hand grater like the one Giada has to zest lemon and cheese. She uses it a lot and the color is red. (Moroccan Food's Reply: Target sells a line of Giada kitchen gadgets; perhaps you will find the grater there.)
—Guest Terese Nystrom

Garlic press

I use mine all the time. I hate handling garlic and this spares my hands smelling garlicky all day long.
—Guest Mary

tomato peeler

After years of struggling to neatly peel tomatoes (this is a common procedure in Moroccan cooking), I recently discovered a tomato peeler. It's perfect for removing the skin from even very soft, very ripe tomatoes.
—Guest Christine

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Top Picks for Useful Kitchen Tools, Gadgets and Cookware

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